Necessary Steps Taken by Hill Vision to Provide Safe Eyecare

eye care in the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to adopt new measures throughout daily life. Businesses have had to completely change the way they operate, especially businesses that deal with the general public on a face-to-face basis.

Hill Vision Opticians, Amersham, has taken the necessary measures to continue their practice whilst keeping the safety of clients and staff at the forefront of their work. All clients are now required to wear protective face masks when attending appointments along with staff members. This ensures the safety of everyone involved, allowing the staff to focus on providing the best eye care possible.

Hill Vision Opticians are also happy to provide face masks for those that attend appointments without one.

Hand sanitisers are stationed at the entrance of Hill Vision’s clinic, for easy access and use by any entering clients. The clinic is also now regularly disinfected throughout each day as another protective measure to ensure the safety of the clients inside. Where possible, clients are encouraged to avoid touching surfaces at the clinic as a further safety measure.

Hill Vision is an innovative optometrist that has been operating an easy-to-use online booking system for a couple of years before the pandemic hit. Going digital was not something that Hill Vision struggled with, as the clinic is able to adapt and learn very quickly to new ways of continuing their practice for their patients.

Appointments that did not require physical examination were conducted online via conference call. The optician would cover all the essential information needed to be shared on the call and give further guidelines on the way forward for the patient.

Due to the need for social distancing, Hill Vision’s appointments were reduced, but this was to avoid too many people in the clinic space at the same time. Booking time was spaced out to ensure enough time to air the rooms before another client would have their appointment.

All these precautions have meant the clinic operates as normally as possible and continues to provide quality services to its clients.

Eye Care Amersham

Amit Mandala, Optometrist, and Director at Hill Vision, stated:The pandemic has been somewhat challenging for us all. Here at Hill Vision, we have seen an increase in people visiting us. As more and more people are working from home for the inevitable future, they are also seeking services from local independents. 

We thrive on being ethical, spending the time to provide an individual service, high quality, and value to our clients. Above all, it is very safe to visit Hill Vision. The appointments are staggered to allow for disinfecting between patients and we have a clever UV steriliser for frames. During the height of the pandemic, I have reflected and gained extra qualifications to give better service through treating a lot of eye conditions.

As the hospitals have got longer waiting lists, we have gone from strength to strength providing great-quality and niche brand frames.’

Hill Vision ensured social distancing by labeling spaces with a social distance of 1-1.5 meters between each standing person. The seats from the waiting areas were reduced to a minimal number to only accommodate the necessary seats. The only visits allowed without being scheduled were emergency cases that could not wait for an appointment.

By enforcing these measures, Hill Vision ensured that critical patients were still attended to and that COVID-19 protocol was being followed. Another significant measure taken by the clinic to ensure safety was the adaptation of delivery of goods. The ability to refill medicines at the clinic was significantly reduced, so the company rolled out a system of door-to-door refills. All necessary safety measures were taken by the delivery team to ensuring the protection of the goods.

After a booked appointment, frame exchange services were also offered; the broken glasses collected, fixed, and delivered to the owner. Hill Vision’s aim has always been to be there for the people of Amersham during times of need, and the clinic has not wavered in its dedication to this.

Hill Vision has the best offers for contact lenses and frames at pocket-friendly prices.

Eye Care Information

Eyesight is one of the crucial parts of the human body. Most daily activities are conducted with the aid of vision. Like the body or any other part of the body, eyesight needs to be taken care of. Unfortunately, eyesight does not always take priority when it comes to an individual’s health, and this can result in future problems. Ideally, each person should visit an optician once or twice every year for a check-up.

Regular check-ups are essential as they ensure that any underlying condition is detected in time and is treated before it becomes a serious condition. Eyesight problems have a variety of causes; inheritance from the family linage, too much screen time, low water intake that may lead to dry eyes, lack of sleep, and smoking.

One of the advised ways to avoid eyesight problems is by having an advanced eye examination. Diseases such as diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration in most cases have no warning sign, which is why a check-up is so vital. Another way of preventing poor eyesight is by maintaining blood sugar levels through healthy eating. In addition, if one intends to go to places with extra bright light, one is always advised to have protective eyewear.

Finally, one should love and care for their eye the way they love and care for other body parts.

Preventing the Increase in Eye Problems

At the current time, there is an increase in the number of patients reporting eye problems.

Reports indicate that about a third of adults in Britain have noted that they have deteriorated eyesight since the onset of the pandemic.

This abrupt increase in the number of patients may result from the increase in screen time – many people were asked to work from home as a result of the pandemic. The most significant percentage of reported cases indicated that they had been affected by computer light.

Only a few of the affected sought medical help. This could have been due to restricted movement as people were only able to leave the house once a day, and the possible fear of contracting COVID-19 at any clinic.

Postponing medical attention or problems with your eyesight could make the problem worse or – in the worst-case scenario – even lead to a potential loss of eyesight.

Therefore, it is advised that you seek medical attention immediately if you notice a drop in the vision or experiences pain in the eyes. No one should suffer from poor eyesight while a solution exists. Better eyesight means a better life and a better view of the world.

Hill Vision clinic has received much praise for its quality services. If you are looking for a clinic to entrust with your eyesight, you can guarantee your safety and care in Hill Vision’s hands. Your vision is always their priority, book in now.



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