eye care myths

Let’s clear up some eye care myths

Many people will jump straight online to try and find out about health problems, and it’s no different with people’s eyesight but to find proper facts and information online can be very difficult, there are lot’s of myths out there and in this blog post we will try to clear a handful of these myths up for you.


Eye problems only start as we get older…

We are all different, and yes some of us will only start to see our eyesight deteriorate from around the age of 40 and above, but other people can start to experience problems with their vision from a young age and this is one of the main reasons we recommend regular eye tests.

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My vision is fine so I don’t think I need an eye test…

This isn’t true, and people are surprised to find out that just because your vision is great, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a regular eye test, your eyes can often uncover other health problems and the NHS recommends an eye test every 2 years as if we can uncover any eye condition earlier the easier it can be treated.


I can simply swap my spectacles prescription for a contact lens prescription…

Spectacles usually sit at about 10mm to 14mm away from the eye, but as a contact lens has direct contact with the eye you need a completely different prescription and when prescribing contact lenses an expert will also consider diameter and base curve.

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I don’t need any fancy sunglasses…

A quality pair of sunglasses will protect your vision from the powerful ray’s emitted by the sun and although that older pair of sunglasses you may feel and look ok, they might not provide the protection your eyes need, our advice is to change to a recommended pair that will offer 100% protection.

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Screens will damage my eyesight…

The truth is that screens aren’t as bad as we are made to believe. OK, watching TV all day long isn’t the best and when working on a computer you should do it in moderation, using phones, iPads, and laptops at the wrong time can disrupt your sleep pattern, but as long as you take care, do it in moderation and get your eyes tested as recommended you should be fine