eye care while working from home

Eye Care while Home Working

Many of our patients will have found themselves having to work from home due to the Covid-19 lockdowns that we have faced over the last year, and in most cases this will lead to an increase in time spent in front of a computer screen or tablet for many of you. Obviously, more time staring at screens and monitors can bring on issues such as stiff necks, headaches and sore eyes, lets take a look at some very simple steps you can take to help yourself and take care of your vision.

Are your glasses up to date?

Make sure you have the appropriate and up to date glasses, also discuss with your optician about glasses for screen use. There are glasses that are specifically designed for this purposewith names like enhanced readers and office lenses or smart readers. These types of glasses are lenses that provide a large clear area for screen use, helping you to keep a good posture and fight fatigue. While these lenses will give you the best depth of focus there are also fixed focus computer glasses.

eye crae while working from home

Discuss your prescription.

As mentioned previously, discuss your prescription with your optician as a small correction in a prescription can make a big difference. Looking at a screen can be very intensive, visually and correcting a small prescription with glasses for computer use can reduce eye strain and headaches.

Screen position is important.

Positioning your screen correctly is massiveley important, it should be slightly below your eye line and not above it. The reason for this is, when you look at the screen your eyes naturally turn in and down slightly. Looking up at the screen means your eyes have to counteract a natural, slight down turn which can cause eye strain. Make sure the top of the screen is no higher than eye level.
eye care while working form home

Consider a new monitor.

A new, good qulaity monitor really is worth the investment if working from home is going to be a long term thing. If your current monitor is over a couple of years old the contrast and clarity will possibly be reducing making it uncomfortable to see.

Reduce bluelight.

You may often find a reduction in blue light from the screen can help greatly, it is possible to get glasses that help with this so speak with your optician about how these glasses can help to reduce eye strain. Another tip, is to place your screen in front of a wall and not a window, if the background behind your screen is too bright it can cause glare and brightness distraction, this in turn can make your eyes over tired.

Ever heard of the the 20/20/20/20 rule?

Regular breaks are really important – for every 20 minutes you should take a 20 second break, look at something around 20 feet away this will help relax your eye muscles, you should also blink 20 times as blink rate dramatically reduces when you are looking at a screen, this can affect the delicate film that protects the surface of the eyes, this can lead to issues such as dry or watery eyes to problems such as eyelid cysts. It is an idea to have a good quality bottle of artificial tears on your desk so you can take a drop in your eyes every few hoursto help them stay fresh.